Koller Könyvtár Ignác Koller (1762–1773), the builder of the episcopal palace, established a library room with artistic furniture upstairs in the northern wing for the books he purchased. After his death, the books were taken into inventory by his master of ceremony, György Mayer. The inventory is different from Biró’s thematic inventory. It lists the books in size groups: folio, quarto, octavo, sextodecimo… The number of the volumes: 1671. His Ex libris is his coat of arms stuck on the verso of the title page with the text below: Ignatius Koller episcopus Weszprimiensis.–Ignác Koller Veszprém bishop. One of the valuable and delightful works is "Sírfeliratok, síremlékek" [Epitaphs and sepulchres] by Tóbiás Fendt Polish painter and copper engraver, published in 1754. This work contains the epitaphs and sepulchres of notable people from the antiquity and the Middle Ages. The reader may see them alive: Cicero, Livy, Pliny, Virgil, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Dante and the Hungarian Janus Pannonius Pécs bishop and poet.