The Archiepiscopal Library is the central library of the Archdiocese of Veszprém As a specialized ecclesiastical public library, its mission is to preserve, promote and propagate the values of Christian culture. A notable purpose is collecting documents related to the lives of the archdiocese and its institutes, promoting the research thereof, maintaining the cultural heritage of the archdiocese, preserving and communicating the printed and intellectual traditions.

For this reason, the library preserves and maintains the ancient book collections of the Veszprém Episcopal Library, Veszprém Chapter Library and Veszprém Seminary Library. Collects and preserves all the documents and special books related to all branches of theology, history and its auxiliary sciences, and especially to the history of the Archdiocese of Veszprém.

The purpose of the Archiepiscopal Library is to disclose its stock to researchers and visitors, provide possibilities for research and assist its users with modern and high quality services. To achieve these goals, we seek after constructive professional cooperation and joint work with the parishes and institutions of the diocese, ecclesiastical and lay libraries and other cultural and educational organizations.